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Cloud Infrastructure

With our team of certified cloud professionals, Inframia will guide you on your journey to the cloud by recommending various technologies, providing effective designs, and successful implementations with comprehensive security measures to protect your cloud workloads.

Big Data and Business Intelligence

Ongoing Information digitization is creating growing quantities of data and demands exponentially. Big data addresses the issue of how to process these enormous amounts of data. As an expert in the field of business intelligence, Inframia develops and operates well-designed BI solutions for the high-capacity processing of bulk data – tailored precisely to the needs of our clients.


The Cybersecurity landscape is ever-changing as there new threats daily to your company’s IT infrastructure.  Inframia recommends security solutions that are appropriate, effective, and align with the client’s business goals and budget. We aim at assessing your network, identifying the possible threats, and implementing the necessary solutions and processes to mitigate all security threats and vulnerabilities.

Software and API Development

Our developers are highly skilled in providing efficient solutions and easy-to-consume APIs for your organization.  Inframia can modernize and integrate your existing applications with automation solutions eliminating outdated processes and security helping you realize your business and IT goals.

Core Infrastructure

IT Infrastructure is the backbone of any enterprise and must be carefully planned, deployed, and maintained for the enterprise to function efficiently.  Inframia brings years of experience and in-depth technical expertise in managing IT projects for small, medium, and large size enterprises. We design outcome-driven IT strategies for businesses to complement their long-term business goals.

IT Strategy and Process 

Inframia can assist your IT organization to envision, strategize and build process models that integrate your business goals with people and technology.  We will help you optimize key IT processes enabling you to realize expected business outcomes faster and more efficiently.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 transforms the way businesses work by dramatically increasing productivity, improving collaboration, enabling digital transformation, and decreasing costs. Inframia can design an M365 implementation strategy and plan complete with a readiness assessment, customized functionalities, configurations, and data migration empowering your company to get max ROI out of your M365 deployment.

Application Lifecycle

Our ALM approach aligns with your organization to provide application project requirements, proposals, budgeting, and approvals as well as support the execution of software design requirements, coding, testing, release, maintenance, and support. This coordinated approach allows you to maximize your ROI while maintaining complete control over your business outcomes.

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